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2015/03/29 - by Oneplus • NLP

ZGen v0.2.0 Released

[Sourceforge Project Home] [Github Mirror]

I’ve been working on the ZGen project since Sept. the last year. It’s a linearization system that constructs natural language sentences from bags of words, given optional input syntactic constraints. Depending on the amount of input constraints, ZGen can perform free ordering, partial tree linearization and full tree linearization. It’s the system I used in my NAACL2015 paper: Transition-Based Syntactic Linearization. Any feedback is welcome!

Sentence generation is an interesting but less studied topic, partly because the complexity of the generation system. The current version of ZGen can never make up a generation system, but hopefully it can perform generation from logic form or key words or a sentence topic.

ZGen is named after the ZPar project from my supervisor and corporator Dr. Yue Zhang. He must be marching on the road of ZNLP :-)

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